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WebRTC Demos

Listed below are some demos that are written by the team to help demonstrate how the modules work. In most cases the demos are visually very simple, but hopefully give you an idea of what you can do from a functionality point of view.

rtc-quickconnect demo

A simple demo making use of the rtc-quickconnect module to demonstrate how you could create a simple video conferencing application with text chat via data channels.

rtc-mesh demo

An experimental demo showcasing how rtc-mesh can be used to create synchronized P2P data using WebRTC data channels.

NOTE: Experimental, Chrome 32+ required.

rtc-signaller demo

A simple chat room demo that makes use of rtc-signaller to communicate with peers via websockets. The rtc-signaller module is used by many of the modules for the handshaking process required to set up a new WebRTC peer connection. Module Sightings

In addition to the above demos, listed below are projects that we have come across from around the web that use modules.

Post Processing using GLSL Shaders by Hugh Kennedy

This demo showcases why having WebRTC and WebGL available in your browser together opens up some really amazing opportunities.