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These tutorials will step you through some basic demos to get you up to speed quickly using If you are looking for more advanced demos check our demos page or see the full list of modules for detailed documentation.

Getting Started

Use the bundled rtc module to create a simple video chat with shared text box. Component Demos components are CommonJS modules which can be installed via npm and included as dependencies in your project using require(). We'll need to use Browserify to bundle our app with it's dependencies to run in the browser - see the Browserify site for usage instructions.

Establishing a connection with rtc-quickconnect

Capturing user video and audio with rtc-media

Stream Processing

Extablishing video connections with rtc-quickconnect

Signalling Server

In the above examples, we have been using "//" as the signalling server. You can run your own signalling server using the rtc-switchboard module.

Further Reading

Some presentations on the core capabilities of the toolset: